Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Turn Away?

I wanted to share this, not to toot my own horn or anything like that, but to glorify God. 
While getting gas last night a man approaches asking for gas, as he is walking up my wife tells me this same guy was there the other night saying he doesnt normally do this. So i kinda dont look in hopes that he would walk away, but he didnt so i just say I cant. As I am pumping gas i see him walking around and as he passes me again I start talking to him. I started with a confrontation about being truthful, but as I get into it God was pressing on my heart. The man is talking about all of his hardships in his life, (with some of the "normal" cursing that is soo prevalent these days). The thought comes like yea yea, ive heard this before. God still pressing me to talk about Him. So as he is telling his troubles, I ask him, "Have you tried giving this to God?" 
He responds with, I go to church, but with all that is happened i've kinda given up on Him. He tells me, "I know that He doesnt give us more than we can handle, but I certainly feel it is too much". I tell him, firstly God didnt do this, secondly there is no promises of "more than we can handle". The verse often quoted talks about temptations more than we can bear. I explained that Paul went through stuff which he plainly says was more than he could bear, to the point of death!. I talked to him about Jesus's words about being lukewarm, and how he respects a person who denies him more than one who says he is a follower but still goes about his life not following. This misleads people and what are you showing them about Christ in your life.
I suggest to him about giving God a wholehearted chance, and not giving up, but trusting in Him, with all your heart. That life does shake us up, throw curve balls at us, but its what we do with it that will make a difference. Dont give up on Him, its usually when we are at the end of our rope, that God shows up kinda asking "What are you doing here?" Through it all proving that faith in Him will get us through. I tell him about a recent time where before i could even ask "why God", God answered with, "My ways are not your ways Paul, and my thoughts are not your. How can you even possibly with your limited view of things even question Me when you know that I am in control, and I have this"
I went on for a bit, (as you know I never seem to be short on words, lol), He thanks me for the talk and is very grateful hat it happened as it was just what he needed. I prayed with him, then offered gas, and he turned it down as somebody else had just paid for some. I got his name, (Jeff), so that I could lift him and his daughter, (who wasnt there, but he had mentioned her), up in my prayers. Ended with a hug. I got back in the car overwhelmed by God, thanking Him for this opportunity. 
I am reminded of Peter saying, "silver and gold have i none, but what I have I give you." Its hardly ever about the money, its about the word that God has planted in your heart. God checked my heart to see if there was a willingness to give some money, (in the form of gas), but knowing I wouldnt need to. He just wanted me to share Him! This encounter affected me probably as much or more than Jeff. Dont be afraid of sharing your faith, God has placed His Word in your heart to tell the people the "Good News". Who knows, you may even up hugging that guy asking for gas!
Food for thought, God has called us to be something different. Ask yourself,Are you different, does your life display Christ? It was a check up for me, but you never know where God is going to show up, Its How He Rolls, Stay Blessed, PJ

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